2016 October

  • Are we headed for junk status or only tax increases?

    We have to show that we will stick to our undertakings on consolidation, but on the other hand we have got to be very mindful that fiscal consolidation in the absence of growth does damage growth further. — Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in his Medium Term Budget Statement. Firstly, what is the Medium Term Budget Statement (MTBS)? It’s a three year outlook by the Treasury of government finances and an exercise in transparency in governance. Whereas the February Budget each year is Government’s actual annual financial plan, the MTBS is an interim statement that highlights government priorities and spending plans, an advance warning if you like of what we can expect in the future.

  • Are you ready for the upturn?

    For the past few years, economic data has been negative. It pays to remember that the economy goes in cycles and there will be a return to economic growth. Remember we recorded 3.3% economic growth in quarter two and the current account deficit shrank significantly. In the fast-moving world we now live in, those businesses prepared for the next growth cycle will get an edge on their competitors.

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