Anovate Group 2020 and beyond

Anovate Group 2020 and beyond

The past couple of weeks has been strange, scary, exciting, new and the list goes on. More than anything we noticed a rollercoaster of emotions from day to day, in our team, ourselves and clients.

We believe that challenges are an opportunity to reposition and explore new opportunities and we believe in innovation and doing things differently to the benefit of our game-changing team and our amazing clients

We envision a country showing positive annual growth economically by 2025 because we empowered and impacted entrepreneurs through accessible financial education – principles and -wisdom to turn their businesses into legacies that impact their society and will be passed onto the next generation and beyond.

Because of our vision, we have made the BIG decision to work remotely for the following reasons:

  1. More focus = more productivity – Phone calls, meetings, colleagues, noise and other distractions make the office a far worse place to focus than home.
  2. To keep our team and clients safe as far as possible
  3. Attracting and retaining countrywide top talent team members – We empower, educate and mentor our diverse, dynamic team of young talented business professionals to passionately contribute to client vision and become leaders in their field through quality training and sound financial principles. **Our team members are also mainly millennials who finds remote working much more effective
  4. We trust our team – We are privileged to have a mature team of professionals passionate about our vision of collaboration with entrepreneurs to turn their businesses into legacies. This is enough drive to focus on the big picture
  5. We have the opportunity for great social connection, more often (once lockdown allows for it)
  6. Technology is bringing us closer together to closely communicate and collaborate – we have been using some of the best tech solutions for some time to ensure efficiency, collaboration and communication.
  7. Financial sustainability – in the current economic climate we want to ensure that we can continue with our vision and mission of training game-changing team members to assist entrepreneurs to turn their businesses into legacies
  8. We are closer to our clients – We are just a zoom call away (no travel time limiting us to serve you). And any required meeting will be at our client’s premises to ensure that we get to know you better aligning us with the mission of contributing to the client vision

What does this mean for our clients?

  • We will not have a physical office
  • You can still call us on the following numbers: 013 656 1131 | 082 711 8091

Your account manager’s cell number

  • All email addresses as before – for a general or urgent query –
  • Document drop-off or collection – Please chat with your account manager for arrangements. We are also implementing various amazing technology solutions that will be communicated with you by your account manager

We look forward to doing the future with our game changing team and legacy clients

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